An initial consultation is a standard complimentary service provided by ARK. This primarily consists of 1) discussion of your program and design requirements, and 2) investigation of the site and/or existing building conditions. This step is critical toward accurately determining the scope of design services that will be needed.

After sufficient discussion and investigation, we begin to develop your programming and design requirements into designed space. The extent of this phase is based on the size and scope of the project. Documentation for schematic design will vary accordingly, and will be as required to properly communicate the overall design intent. Typically this includes sketches, basic floor plans and elevations and/or 3d digital mass-modeling.

This is an additional service to any clients who may need a presentation piece to present their project to a third party, or who choose to further study their space in a more photo-realistic light. With this option, ARK will build a 3d digital model of your project from which a rendered image from any interior or exterior perspective can then be produced.

As schematic design concludes and is approved, ARK develops this design to the next level, integrating further code and technical requirements within its site, building envelope, egress, structure, and systems design.

These drawings are the final product and instrument of ARK's design service. They include all required levels of detail for construction, and are documented and reviewed to a level that facilitates accurate bidding, permitting and construction.

ARK can assist in the process of obtaining either competitive bids or negotiated proposals, and providing documentation accordingly (note that under these services, ARK acts as an advisor to the owner, and is not a party to the contract between owner and contractor. The owner must therefore make the ultimate selection of contractor). During construction, ARK may also administer the contract for construction by advising and consulting with the owner to the extent authorized.